Four week eCourse with Heather Caplan and Kelly Jones, who will be teaching the basics of Intuitive Eating and Sports Nutrition in a variety of education formats including videos, handouts and group communications.

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Anywhere! You can log in at anytime to access course information, and to interact with Heather, Kelly, and other participants.

Course Benefits 

Access to two dietitians who are both athletes, community support from fellow participants, and activities and resources allowing you to immediately apply education into your daily life.


Next Session Begins

Every few months! We’ll let you know when to expect your course to start.


We will provide a FULL refund up to seven days before your group begins. Within seven days of the course start date, we provide a 50% refund, and you may opt to stay on the email list (but will not have access to the community, Q&A, or guidance from the dietitians). After the course has started, we do not offer payment refunds.


Weekly Curriculum overview

*Two weekly emails full of content, plus the ability to interact with other participants and ask Heather and Kelly questions 24/7

  • Pre-assessment and preparatory information

  • Week 1: Basics of Sports Nutrition for Women

    • Energy and nutrients

    • Pre, during and post-workout basics

  • Week 2: Ditching the Diet Mentality + Honoring Hunger

    • Hunger recognition, triggers and stress

    • How to use hunger cues for pre- and post-workout fueling

    • Snacking

    • Live video Q&A

  • Week 3: Eating to Satiety + All Foods Fit

    • Understanding fullness cues

    • Differentiating fullness from satiety

    • Fueling adequately for recovery

  • Week 4: Putting it All Together

    • How to eat well enough, everyday, at each meal

    • Eating for endurance and recovery

    • What it means for competition day, if applicable

    • Live video Q&A