What is an e-course?

We call this an e-course, meaning all aspects of the course are conducted electronically. You can join from anywhere, anytime, and can go through the content at your own pace. Your registration includes more than 10 detailed emails with course information, nutrition and intuitive eating guidance, and handouts. It also includes access to your course community, including fellow participants, an ongoing live chat and Q&A available to you at any time, and access to your course dietitians, Heather Caplan and Kelly Jones.

There are no in-person requirements, no set class times, and no expiration on any of the email content, videos, or handouts.

Do I have to “attend” class at any specific time(s)?

As mentioned in the “e-course” description above, no. There are no set class times, and you have unlimited access to the video Q&As, email content, and handouts. The only thing that will “close” at the end of class is your virtual community (where you interact with fellow participants, and have access to your course dietitians). You are still able to save any content shared in this community as you wish.

What if I’m traveling when the course starts, during one of the weeks, or at the end?

No problem! You don’t need to be “here” for any of the four weeks that your course is running; you’ll have unlimited access to the emails, handouts, and video Q&A. The one thing you may miss out on, if traveling or disconnected during parts of the course, is the access to your dietitians, Heather Caplan and Kelly Jones, and the community

What does my Fit Fueling course registration include?

Each participant receives more than 10 detailed emails that follow our weekly course themes, including information about sports nutrition, the core concepts of intuitive eating, and how to put all of this information together to fuel your sport of choice. Information is presented in both text and video format. It also includes handouts with recipes, information on supplements, eating disorder screening, and unlimited Q&A with the course dietitians, Heather Caplan and Kelly Jones. You also have a supportive community of fellow participants, in a chatroom on the Slack platform (FitFueling.Slack.com). Additional educational materials are shared on Slack as well. Each course also has two live video Q&As that Heather and Kelly do together, to elaborate on questions posted to the community and discussions had each week. You can ask questions anytime, chat with and support fellow course participants, and save all of the content, handouts, and recipes for future use!

Why is this e-course called Fit Fueling: Intuitive eating for active women?

Both dietitians, Heather Caplan and Kelly Jones, use the principles of intuitive eating in their sports nutrition practices. This means that they don’t believe in restrictive or regimented diets or meal plans, and rather, encourage active women to develop a healthier relationship with both food and sport by learning to listen to their body's signals. Throughout the course, you’ll learn more about both sports nutrition and intuitive eating, and how the two can be combined to help you fuel better for your activities of choice. It focuses on overall health, as well, and how to find a fueling strategy that works best for you!

If you’re currently experiencing the symptoms of Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, we encourage you to join our HA-specific course.

If you’re a dietitian, we encourage you to check out our RD-specific course, which will provide continuing education credits.

Do I have to be training for something to take this e-course?

Nope! We have active women at all levels—from hobby to collegiate to elite sports—and from all types of activities. We’ve had professional ice skaters, hobby bodybuilders, casual runners, marathon runners, collegiate athletes, and post-collegiate athletes. There are no requirements for registration other than an interest in fitness nutrition and intuitive eating.