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Kelly Jones

I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and former Division I athlete who believes that eating real food and leading an active lifestyle are keys to not only physical health, but also mental health and happiness. As a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, I find great joy not only in aiding athletes to perform their best, but also in combining nutrition and fitness principles with the intuitive eating philosophy to allow anyone to optimize their energy levels and happiness.

Often, health is advertised as an image and something you achieve with a quick fix or restrictive plan. What our bodies need is for us to intuitively fuel ourselves with what is naturally occurring on this earth, not man-made in a lab. Rather than striving to get skinny and being attracted to claims such as “sugar free,” “zero calorie,” “blocks fat,” “melts pounds,” etc., let’s be real. What will artificial sweeteners and colors, supplement shakes, fat replacers and stimulants, do FOR your body? Eating real food, but being too obsessive doesn't help us either. Counting calories, points, or "macros" every day is not sustainable and does not teach one to listen to their body and learn how to effortlessly eat. The overly-processed foods, fad shake diets, excessive supplements, and instant gratification American mentality make us think we are investing in our health and making our lives easier. In the long run, we waste time and money to form unhealthy habits and harm our mental-health and well-being instead.

People deserve nutrition information from a valid source. The more science based nutrition knowledge acquired, the easier it is to unlearn poor habits, feel well, be more productive, and become a positive influence on those around us. Nutrition education must include some of the science of nutrition, or the “why” involved in choosing the right foods as well as how you can start modifying behaviors. The simple “eat this, not that” approach doesn’t work because you already know cheese fries are less nourishing than green veggies, and should be a smaller part of your diet.  Many Americans are conditioned to think that we should count calories, when in fact, it’s the nutrients occurring naturally in our food and altering of old habits that matter most. The journey to true physical and mental health includes readiness and willingness to set realistic goals, step out of your comfort zone andimplement long term lifestyle changes while being flexibile with food and learning a new trick or two in the kitchen! A registered dietitian is the nutrition expert and can help you find ways to personalize your health goals and determine which areas of health are best for you to put efforts towards.

My main goal as a health professional is to empower anyone I can to stop worrying about achieving a certain look and start focusing on feeling amazing both physically and mentally. Stop starving yourselves, listen to your body, and eatmore whole foods in their natural form. Once you do, energy, confidence, and optimal performance will follow.

Nutrition Background

My interest in nutrition was sparked as a young teen. I began to read about the science, learn about our country’s food system and started my first job at a health food store (shout out to Nature’s Way in Stratford, CT!). I knew I wanted to pursue a career in nutrition.

I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Nutritional Science with a minor inExercise Science at the University of Connecticut, completed the dietetic internship program at the University at Buffalo (required prior to sitting for the Registered Dietitian exam), and also completed my Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition with a concentration in Exercise Science at UB. There I founded the sports nutrition internship rotation and worked with UB's division I athletes.

As a speaker, consultant and media spokesperson, I help transform media messages so the public can obtain accurate information about food, products, performance and health. My clients include USA Swimming and one of the premier fitness facilities in the nation, The Newtown Athletic Club. I still conduct some one on one counseling in my private practice, helping you Optimally Fuel your Body and Mind with a focus on sports nutrition and mental health management. I also maintain the blog Eat Real Live Well to help translate scientific information into recipes and tips for your active lifestyle. I have been a professor at Bucks County Community College since 2010, where I co-created the exercise science transfer studies program, and currently write and review sports nutrition continuing education articles for dietitians.

I grew up as a competitive swimmer, continuing as a Division I athlete at UConn. I began running after graduation and now love to compete in distance runs andtriathlons. My experiences, knowledge, and love of good food allow me to relate well to athletes and active individuals of all ages. To ensure your brand or company is disseminating valid nutrition information, or to start your journey to optimal health and performance click here.

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Professional Volunteer Activities 

Nutrition Entrepreneurs Nominating Committee Member

Social Media Co-Coordinator for SCAN's Sports Dietetics Subunit

Alliance Ambassador for PHIT America

Campaign Member for Kids Eat Right

University of Connecticut Alumni Association

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Professional Affiliations

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition Entrepreneurs

Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition

PA Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Philadelphia Dietetic Association