People who have taken this course feel empowered to make change in their lifestyle and experience freedom to have a healthier relationship with food. They feel enabled to ditch the diet mentality and let go of false beliefs that have held them back from truly enjoying food and truly performing their best. We have seen women let go of things they have struggled with for years and embrace a new mentality all from the truth that this course brings and support they get from the women.



"I personally learn much better from different versions of media other than reading, and the videos coupled with handouts and discussion were great.  The discussion opened up the opportunity to bring up topics that may not have been planned, and it was really helpful to hear and see what other women in the similar situation were doing and going through."


"I loved the ability to interact with both you and the rest of the group through Slack.  It made it feel like a community, which made it more fun, and also made me feel empowered in that my learning/experience was in my own hands to ask the questions I had.
I am the type of person that really needs to trust a person in order to take what they're saying as fact, and am almost always googling things I hear to make sure it's accurate.  Not the case with you guys.  You backed up your answers with science AND personal experience, which was a winning combo."



Active mom and E.D. Conqueror

"This class satisfied so many things for me. The biggest take away was feeling free to eat MORE and learn how and why my body was created for MORE. We all deserve and have the right to feel fearless satisfaction when we eat, and this course helps you work through the process of getting there. It feels like family having 24/7 access to two amazing RDs who actually care about your journey, and other women who are going through similar things- all with the passion to learn, encourage, and uplift. Eating disorder or not, a lot of us have obvious or not so obvious things we struggle with when it comes to eating, and this course helps bring to light and transform some of those false beliefs to achieve a healthier, happier relationship with food.

The fruit from the changes I made since taking this course still show everyday. I have learned to be more in tune with what my body needs and not fret about numbers. I have experienced more energy for both my workouts and the day in general. There is so much beauty in seeing what your body needs and this course helped awaken the desire to take care of it properly."



“I just want to thank you for all of the information you both gave. This experience has been invaluable...especially with my own personal practice.”


“I LOVED this course. What a perfect, low-pressure way to learn this type of material. Both Kelly and Heather were wonderful and so helpful.”